Flexibility: One of the 7 Most Common Traits of an EXECUpreneur

Your ability to survive in business depends on your ability to adapt and be flexible to the continually changing world. The final product or service that you offer will likely look different from when you started. Flexibility is what allows you to respond to the changing tastes and market conditions.  It is an essential trait if you want to be a successful lifelong EXECUpreneur, not a one-hit wonder.

If you are unable to remain flexible in your journey to EXECUpreneurial success, you are going to be in for a huge disappointment. This is because in business something will eventually go wrong. It always does. Those who are successful understand that things aren’t always going to go the way that they want or plan.

The true EXECUpreneur embraces their position at “the drawing board”.  For they go back to it on the regular to revisit, revise and revamp. They are able to see when things are going off track, figure out why they are going off track, and make the necessary adjustments to get back on track. 


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