Self-Belief: One of the 7 Most Common Traits of an EXECUpreneur

A critical EXECUpreneurial trait is self-belief. If you don’t believe that you have what it takes to do something, then you won’t succeed in your business venture.

You have to have faith in your thoughts and opinions, and know that you are capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to achieving. You have to be sure that your product or service is something that the world needs and that you can deliver it, to overcome the naysayers in your life. 

There will always be someone who “is just trying to keep you from getting your hopes up” or who’s “just trying to keep you safe” by telling you that you’re ill-equipped for EXECUpreneurship. Tell them to shut up.  Politely of course, or not.  Some people just don’t hear “polite”. 

Researchers describe this as task-specific confidence. It’s a belief that turns the risk proposition around.  Task-specific confidence provides you with the assurance that you can get the job done based on the research you’ve conducted. You must have this type of confidence and be willing to take calculated risks. Successful EXECUpreneurs know that they are right and are confident that they are making the right decisions for their life.


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